Sheldon Boland (Director)

Sheldon Boland has steered scholastic initiatives in both government and non-government educational institutions across urban, rural and remote communities for over 25 years, both as a teacher, advisor and administrator. 

Among Sheldon's pedagogical interests is the art of questioning and its undeniable value in developing our next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers.  

Sheldon is a regular on the Australian educational speaking circuit and currently works in the role of Deputy Principal with the Department of Education and Training, Queensland.


Educators across the globe

Educators influence the future in a direct and significant way.  Educators may be professionals (eg teachers), volunteers (eg school helpers) and/or caregivers (eg parents).

To empower students for the future, educators must have proficient knowledge of effective questioning practices and best delivery.  

QUESSIE is the educator's partner in ensuring pedagogical offerings related to questioning provide challenging, stimulating and worthwhile experiences for learners.

Thank you to practitioners who contribute to our offerings.

What We Do

QUESSIE is all about the power of effective questioning and how it relates to quality teaching and improved student outcomes.  Besides our website offerings, we share monthly newsletters with our members about the latest practices and research. 

QUESSIE is proud to be the educator's choice when it comes to a global expert dedicated to improving educator knowledge and skills related to effective questioning for improved student learning.

QUESSIE also offers customised advice and solutions to educators worldwide.  Check out our recent projects here.

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